Tuesday, 14 May 2019

I wanna be like them

In my reading group, we were asked to research a topic and write a poem about it. Something that is meaningful & something that we are passionate about, I chose to write about society & how it affects our generation. Keep on reading if you would like to see my piece of writing!

I wanna be like them - Spoken word

Scrolling down your feed, comparing yourself to all these girls
“I want her figure, I want her dimples, I’m in love with her curls”
We all know how the media works
Telling us to love ourselves yet they criticize our quirks
& it somehow all comes back to our looks.
I wanna be like them

Society is constantly telling us that you have to look a certain way to be considered ‘pretty’
Right ?
Your dress has to be extra tight, show off your curves, a little bit of lipstick wouldn’t hurt
Thinking that if you don’t have the newest gears, or up with the latest trends
That’s an automatic red flag
Being defined & categorized by the label or amount on your price tag

I wanna be like them
We’re so caught up in what social media has to say
We compare ourselves to so many of these ‘instagram models’
We all wish for that ‘perfect figure’ but disappointed the next day
When realizing that it doesn’t work that way.
Filters, editing apps, we are all put under the influence
That beauty is all that matters, because if we depend on our looks
There’s no way we have to worry about our intelligence

I wanna be like them

Everybody thinks that beauty is purely physical
Yet we never thought about the beauty that comes within
So take a moment too realise that
And just let it sink into your skin
I know you hear me, but you don’t want to listen
I’m sure you hate this poem, & you have your own opinion
But know that I meant what I said
So get it through your head

You don’t have to be like them

I hope you enjoyed reading my poem, be sure to come back tomorrow for another blog post!

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