Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Anzac Letter

A few weeks ago our main focus was based off of Anzac day, Room 11 decided to make their very own Anzac Letters. Made to be written to family members/Care takers, We also created Anzac Artwork relating to everything that we currently know about Anzac Day. Here's mine !

Dear Beloved Parents,

I’ve been here for a month now, and being completely honest I hate it here. All of the bruised and tired soldiers I see stumbling around, praying and hoping they could make it out alive but most of them never have a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones.
I’ve seen the unimaginable, so I do not wish to talk about my experience for it is too horrific to even think about. I think about the both of you every second of the day, and I truly wish that everything is going to be alright for the both of us.
I do not know when i’ll be back or when this will be over,so please do not worry or fear for me because everything will be okay. We’ve already lost a few men along the way, there were bits and pieces of body parts everywhere, just like a slaughterhouse! Arms, livers my mind was permanently bruised.
Gunshots heard from miles away, everybody crawling into their trenches waiting for the last Post. Only yesterday we lost one of our best men, lying down blood drooling out of his mouth. For about a minute everybody stood there quietly and stared at him. When I get the chance I will write many more letters. I refuse to say goodbye because this is not goodbye, so I love you both and I will see you soon.

Yours truly
Meaalofa  (Anaysha)
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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Play Dough !

A few days ago we had Play Based Learning, and we decided to make Play Dough ! We had a variety of colours and we had a lot of fun the whole class enjoyed it as well as all of the other classes. Here's a few photos from Play Based Learning !

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Room 11's Umu !

Last week was Samoan Language week so Room 11 decided to make an ... UMU ! With the help of Mr Faalili and Misses Faalili, Half of the class went to there house to make the Umu, while the other half stayed to set up the chairs and tables in the hall. Not only did Room 11 have the umu but as well as Room 12, Everybody enjoyed the food there was Pork,chicken,taro etc. Here's a few photos that we took when we went to make the umu !

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