Tuesday, 12 March 2019

I am poem

In class we had the choice to either create an I am poem, or a bio poem. I chose to make an I am poem, here it is :)

I am Anaysha Puaga
I wonder what career i'm going to have after i attend college
I see children in my future
I want to try my best since it’s my last year in intermediate so i have options for college
I hear my parents everyday telling me to prioritize my learning
I am Anaysha Puaga
I pretend i like math *i really don’t*
I feel joy when i get over 80 answers right in my spelling test
I touch the rugby ball when im playing ‘held’
I worry that i will struggle throughout college
I cry when someone so smart decides to leave the littlest amount of milk
back in the bottle once their done :(
I am Anaysha Puaga
I understand that not everything is going to go my way
I say i would rather do writing all day instead of doing math for one block
I dream about what i’m going to eat for breakfast the following day
I hope camp is fun
I am Anaysha Puaga

Hopefully this inspired you to make your own,
& come back tomorrow for another blog post! Have a good day :)